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[captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute "next on "special report" president obama says republicans are looking for political points at the expense of healthcare reform. and ted kennedy is trying to turn back the clock on a massachusetts state lieu he helped create. the only man who served time for the pan am flight 103 bombing gets out of jail amid outage from the families of victims and a terrorist of another sort could enup in northern michigan. we will hear what people there think and all that plus what the fox all-stars think right here, right now. >> welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. even though they are the minority party, republicans figure prominently in president obama's healthcare reform message today.
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the president signaled a growing impatience with the g.o.p. amid continued talk that frustrated democrats may try to ram through legislation however they can. here is senior white house correspondent major garrett. >> in his first appearance on a radio talk show broadcast from the white house and in a town hall later with grassroots supporters, president obama accused republicans of plotting their return to power through the graveyard of healthcare reform. >> early on, a decision was made by the republican leadership that said, look, let's not give them a victory. maybe we can have a replay of 1993, '94 when clinton came in. he failed on healthcare and then we won in the midterm elections and got the majority. later when talking to organizing for america loyalists, mr. obama said three senate loyalists may help negotiate a healthcare deal but he won't wait much longer for results. >> we don't know yet whether we've got any republican support. there is going to have to be a conclusion that either they can get a bill done or they
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can't get a bill done. >> tonight, the so-called gang of six, democrats baucus, conrad and bingamman are included in the gang of six. >> three republicans and 58 democrats don't make a bipartisan bill. awhile the president has complained about republicans, democrats appear divided on strategy. senate democrats have vowed to use, quote, any legislative means necessary, unquote, to win on healthcare, including sidestepping the senate's 60-vote filibuster threshold with an arcane and politically iske maneuver called eck council yation, that would allow them to pass it with 51 votes, an idea some house democrats applaud. >> if republicans don't want to cooperate and work with us, then we may have to go it alone and pass it with just democratic votes. >> democrat mike ross of arkansas told reportedders
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democrats should not pass any law without bipartisan support. emanuel rereed said democrats may have to start from scratch. >> there is a need to hit the reset button, because i don't think what we are screwing now is of any value -- what we are discussing now is of any value to the american public if we come up with a plan, it will increase the partisanship that is doing enormous damage to the nation. >> bottom line, democrats say they and the president need a better sales pitch. >> we have to do it better, a better job of selling what we're doing. we're not doing as good of a job, frankly, as we should. >> on the topic of the public option, the government-financed health insurance plan, nancy pell lows pelosi says, quote, there is no way i can pass a bill in the house of representatives without a public option. meanwhile, andy stern, head of the service international
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employees union said if democrats don't pass it this year, they could lose control of congress next year. the white house declined to comment on this dire prediction. bret: vice president joe biden says $1.2 billion of stimulus money will go to help hospitals transition to electronic medical records. biden and health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius announced the grants today in chicago. biden says electronic health records will be more efficient and save money. ailing senator ted kennedy is pushing a change in massachusetts state law to circumvent existing rules mandating a special election to fill a senate vacancy. chief political correspondent carl cameron explains what that has to do with the healthcare reform fight. >> battling terminal brain cancer, democratic senator ted kennedy wants massachusetts law changes so the governor could make a speedy interim appointment when his senate seat becomes vacant. current law provides for five months for a special election,
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too long for democrats with big votes on healthcare and other issues looming in the senate. kennedy wrote "serving the people of massachusetts and the united states senate has been and still is the greatest honor of my public life. as i look ahead, i'm convinced that enabling the gov governor to fill a vacancy through an interim appointment followed by a special election would best serve or commonwealth should a vacancy occur." in 2004, it was kennedy who got the law changed to prohibit interim senate appointment bize the governor in the first place. back then, john kerry was running for president. had he won, then governor mitt romney, a republican by law, could have appointed a do g.o.p. successor. kennedy didn't want that and persuaded lawmakers to do away with interim appointments by the governor. now a democrats' governor, he wants to restore the law he helped kill five years ago to give a seat to someone who backs his priorities like healthcare reform. >> i'm optimistic. i have a certain serenity about this because it is so
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important. >> despite her professed calm, nancy pelosi warned that if a government-run public insurance option is not in the overhaul, house liberals will block t >> there is no way i can pass a bill in the house of representatives without a public option. >> that puts her at odds with kent conrad, chairman of the budget committee and key member of the gang of six negotiators on the senate finance committee. he is the original proponents of non-profit cooperative insurance programs as an alt trn tiff to a government-run public option which he says will not pass in the senate. >> it's clear that there are not the votes in the united states senate for public option. that's why i was given this assignment to try to come up with an alternative. there many more, many more who are open to the cooperative option as being a way to bridge the gap between those passionately in favor of public option and those passionately opposed. >> well, the co-op option isn't abridge bridged just yet. democrats say reform will not pass without a public option.
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democrats in the house say it won't pass there with a public option. either way you slice it, it is a tough road ahead for the president. bret: with the democrats? >> his own party is causing this problem, as they have from the very beginning. bret: carl, thank you. leading economic indicators rose in july for the fourth straight month indicating that the recession may is bottomed out. the conference board says the 6/10's of a percentage point gain was smaller than expected and less than the increases in may and june. first time unemployment claims rose for the second straight week up 15,000. the number of people continuing to get benefits dropped 2,000 to 2.64 million. the dow gained 71 points an s&p 500 picked up 11 and nasdaq rose 2 ox the labor department says the smallest private firms accounted for a disproportionate share of job losses in the fourth quarter of last year many companies with fewer than five workers had 14 1/2% of the job cuts, and larger companies of
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1,000 or more cut 20% of the jobs lost, and midsized companies accounted for all 5% of all jobs cut. people who live in michigan know about job cuts and there is one town in the northern part of that state has is blaming the need for jobs against the prospect of having suspected terrorists living not far from their homes. catherine herridge listened to many of those people today. >> well, these terrorists at at guantanomo, will they swap their home for a town of standish in northern michigan? at the town hall meeting where 250 gathered in a catholic church, they appeared to say no >> they are a true threat to everyone in this room. >> with unemployment rate at 20%, the residents at standish want to open their maximum security prison. >> we are facing $1.8 billion
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deficit in the jen al fund and $1 billion in the school aid fund. things continue to worsen. >> outside on the highway, signs show that there is resistance to any potential transfer. standish is only two hours from the largest arab community in the middle east. >> if we put them in iowa, they would stick out if they got loose. in michigan, in two hours they can disappear into a community where we will never find them. >> the prison is the town's biggest employer. residents question whether bringing gitmo to standish would really create jobs for their community. >> possibly 38 to 48 of the 330 jobs there might be transferable with new training. >> deborah burlingame, one of the most visible members of the 9/11 families flew into new york for the town hall meeting. >> what you do here, make no mistake, they're watching in washington. if we can killing here, maybe we can kill it everywhere and keep guantanomo open. thanks. >> some people complained the panel, organized with the help
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of a washington think tank, was not balanced. >> we were only getting one side of the conversation. you end up with a point of view that is going to give you a wrong picture. >> according to the white house, standish is the only prison to be toured by administration officials. it is described as one of several options under consideration. the ranking republican on the house intelligence committee gave his concerns this way -- >> what i'm passionate about is full disclosure and transparency of the information so that we can have a reasoned and a civil discussion as to how we will move forward. >> the town hall wrapped up a short time ago, and it is clear that the obama administration is under extreme time pressure. it now has just under five months to get all the detainees out of gitmo and the question is whether some of them will end up here in standish. bret: a different kind of town hall. thank you. four homeland security chief tom ridge writes that he was pressured by aides to
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president george w. bush to raise the terror threat level on the eve of the 2004 election. the publisher of ridge's new book has released a sum are ry in which ridge states that then defense secretary done 58d rumsfeld and attorney general john ashcroft asked for the move and ridge said he refused and left government service soon after. a spokesman for rumsfeld tells fox news the allegation is nonsense and that al qaeda had repeatedly threatened to launch more attacks during more americans during that time. if you work in front of the t.v. camera, you know that matching images with words is a key part of our job. we will bring you one example of that not working out too well. and outrage abounds over the release of a man responsible for almost 300 murders. (announcer) your doctor knows
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bret: today's release of the only person ever jailed for the bombing of pan am flight
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103 21 years ago has sparked outrage from victims' families and objections from the white house. correspondent amy kellogg explains why a convicted terrorist is now out of prison. >> he got to go home, something none of the victims in the bombing of flight 104 never got to do. he was released on passionate grounds because he is dying of prostrate cancer. he is the only person convicted in the lockerbie bombing which killed 286 people. >> it made me physically ill. this is not justice. this is the abrogation of justice. >> pan am 103 was torn apart by a bomb over lockerbie, scotland as it headed to the united states. he served 8 years of a life sentence, about 11 days for each person he was convicted of killing in the terrorist atrocity. it was the scottish justice secretary who made the
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controversial decision to made him home. >> our justice system demands that judgment be imposed and compassion be available, and that justice be served, but mercy be shown. >> this was libyan leader muammar qaddafi's reaction when asked if he was behind summary bombing of pan am flight 103. eventually, libya turned him over to the crux, agreeing to pay $2.7 billion in compensation to families of the victims and renounced its weapons of mass destruction program. the u.s. and libya normalized relations in 2006, ping waited by president obama shaking the libyan leader's hand at the g8 summit this summer. obama today raised his objection with the scottish government over his release and cautioned muammar qaddafi. >> we thought it was a mistake. we are now in contact with the libian government and want to make sure that he is not
6:17 pm
welcomed back in some way, but instead should be under house arrest. >> but he was treated to a cheering crowd and he insists that he is innocent and that the victims' families have his sympathy. as for those families, many say they will be protesting outside the united nations when muammar qaddafi makes an historic visit there next month n london, amy kellogg, fox news. bret: as you can imagine, victims' relatives are particularly upset with the release with the reason for his release. >> he was 36 years old, coming home from london on a business trip. he left a wife and two daughters's at the time, age 6 and 4. you have to live with the fact that he was blown out of the air along with others at 31,000 feet. that never leaves you or your grave. that's what bothers me on that compassionate release process. where is the compassion for my brother or the families of these victims?
6:18 pm
there is no compassion for us. yet we have it all convoluted and we're talking about an individual that massacred 270, so he can go home and have his family surround him? we didn't have that opportunity. >> i am overwhelmed by grief all the time, every day. who is he to deserve this sympathy? 23 we are not going to have capital punishment, then we have to mean that those people who are to serve their terms serve their terms. bret: and paul howe, a parent in new york who lost his 31-year-old wife in the attack said, quote, this mind sound ciewdz or blunt, but i want him returned from scotland the same way my life lorraine was, and that would be in a box." was the c.i.a. outsourcing the jobs of killing top terrorists? we'll break that story down, and there has been plenty of killing leading up to afghanistan's elections. we will tell you how the voting went, next.
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bret: election workers in afghanistan are counting million of votes cast in today's election. the voting came off despite warnings of taliban interference. correspondent greg palkot has the story from kabul. >> it's election day in afghanistan. folks here are deciding whether president karzai will get a second term in office. there are crowds early at the school turned polling station in eastern kabul. young people -- >> this is an historic day for me. >> old people -- >> this is a good day for afghan people and a good chance for democracy for afghan people. >> and most strikingly, women showing up without the burqa, which the taliban used to make them wear. >> i'm very happy and feeling very good, says this young woman. i'm able to come and vote for our president. >> this election was conducted
6:23 pm
under the threat of taliban violence, however, prompting a major afghan-led security effort. over ler 70 attacks have been reported throughout the country, leaving 26 civilians and security officials dead. violence was around 10% of polling stations until close. as ballots began to be counted, indications are that voter turnout might be lighter than expected, a a sign that the threats of violence have reached into the heart of the capital of this country. >> the government now says it's hoping for a 40 to 50% turnout figure. in the last election in 2004, when the taliban was decidedly weaker, the turnout was 70%. there are also reports of fraud. here, an election official is accused of steering a voter towards his candidate, and here is the indelible ink the voters dipped their fingers in was not as indelible as it should have about. fraud charges were largely
6:24 pm
dismissed by special envoy richard richard holbrooke. >> they clearly can vote for anyone they want here. this is really irm pressive, people voting freely. >> it's quite remarkable that a country that a country at war just held an election and that people showed up in a difficult security environment to vote. >> president karzai also called the election a success, but maybe not for him. low turnout might mean karzai won't get the 50% he needs to avoid a runoff. preliminary results are not expected until this weekend. in kabul, afghanistan, greg palkot, fox news. bret: nato is calling for the size of the afghan security forces to double. secretary general says the aim is to have 400,000 people in the army and police so that western troops can eventually leave. there are currently about 180,000 afghan soldiers an police officers. in other news around the world^ , diplomatic sources
6:25 pm
tell fox news that iran has allowed united nations inspectors to visit two significant nuclear facilities in what is being described as a long awaited breakthrough. inspectors were allowed to visit a plant last week for the first time in a year. they were also given access to the enrichment facility where most of the centrifuges are located. what one network did not tell viewers after saying white people with guns were a threat to president obama. that's next. gecko vo: you see, it's not just telling people geico
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bret: and now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. tuesday, msnbc showed vidio of a man carrying a semiautomatic rifle and pistol outside the building where president obama was giving a speech in phoenix. arizona is an open carry state, meaning having a legal firearm in the open is permitted. actor contessa brewer injected race into the story saying -- >> here you have a man of color in the presidency and white people showing up with guns strapped to their waist. bret: which then sparked a discussion about a danger to p president obama. the video was edited in a way that you can't see the whole picture. the man featured with the weapons was african-american, not white.
6:30 pm
no one on air pointed that out. msnbc never got back to us but told politico brewer was speaking generally and not about that specific person with the automatic weapon. our friends at nbc can give you a deal if you're in the market for a barack obama action figure or a yes, we did t-shirt. they are selling no fewer than 29 obama-inspired products at their new york gift shop and on-line. fox reports cbs and abc on-line stores sell books about the president and the campaign but no merchandise. fox and cnn sell neither. while some say nbc is just making a smart business decision, others aren't so sure. the executive director for media and ethics law at the university of minnesota says "whatever money they're making off of this is not worth it. it undermines any attempt to represent itself as a non-partisan entity. " no word if the president was offered any of those goodies during one of the 8 interviews he has given the network since
6:31 pm
the inauguration. our request for a one on one with the president is still pending. when anna ramierez are returned to her homestead, florida house one day last week, she found her belongings on the front lawn and a strange man demanding she get out of his newly purchased home. it turns out her bank, washington mutual, had accidentally awngsed off her home -- auctioned off her home without giving her a foreclosure letter or any notice. bloomberg news reports that police came to e evict ramierez, her husband, daughter and grandchildren, giving them three hours to clear out. a judge reversed the sale and the county check's office is being blamed ravment mere ez says she wants to do sue for damage done to her furniture when it was tossed out of the house. we have a follow-up story to wednesday's story concerning president obama's apparent support of oil drilling off the coast of brazil and the connection to a long time democratic supporter. correspondent james rosen has the update.
6:32 pm
as candidate and president, barack obama has turfed a deaf ear to the cries of drill, baby drill, opposing on environmental grounds any expanded oil drilling off american shores. now the u.s. export-import bank has promised brazil's state-owned oil company $2 billion in loan guarantees to help finance lucrative drilling off the shores of rio de janeiro. some see a competition contradiction in this kind of loaning, saying that he is loaning to the kind of drilling he opposes here at home. robert gibbs on thursday wasn't appearing ready to address the issues. >> i haven't seen the story. >> but sarah palin had plenty to say. why is it during these tough times when we have great needs at home, palin asked on her facebook page, the obama white house is prepared to send more than $2 billion of your hard earned tax dollars to brazil so the state owned oil company
6:33 pm
can dill offshore and create jobs developing its own resources? robert gibbs said they are not sending $2 billion, but offering lines of credit to u.s. firms so they can compete for land contracts regarded to the operation. then there is the george soros connection. the hedge fund controlled by soros bought and sold millions of shares, the largest of the firm's holdings prior to the new offer of cred guarantees to the brazilian energy client. no one has accused sore owes of wrongdoing, but bloggers say it does not pass the, quote, smell test. the $2 billion commitment by the import export bank is expected to grow as the u.s. competes on behalf of american exportders of goods and services against those from china, which has pledged $10 billion. james rosen, fox news.
6:34 pm
bret: crude oil futures were down about $1. october crude gave up 92 cents to settle at $72.91 a barrel. gasoline is averaging $2 why 64 a gallon, down 2 cents from a week ago. the administration says the cash for clunkers program will end next monday at 8:00 p.m. eastern time. the transportation department reports auto dealers have signed contracts worth more than $1.9 billion so far, selling about 457,000 vehicles. well, we were the first media outlet to report that the secret c.i.a. program that never got started that was at the center of a heated debate on capitol hill was, in fact, a program to track and kill al qaeda leaders using assassination teams, but today we're learning the c.i.a. may have been outsourcing some of that initial work. national security correspondent jennifer griffin explains. >> to its critics the name blackwater conjures up mercenary fighters with quick
6:35 pm
trigger fingers, so much so that the company had to change its name after a 2007 shooting in baghdad left 17 iraqis dead, as blackwater guards protected a u.s. convoy. "the new york times" first reported blackwater was hired as part of a proposed c.i.a. plan to assassinate al qaeda leaders, a program that never got off the ground. intelligence sources confirmed to fox that the c.i.a. did ask for help from blackwater's founder eric prince back in 2004 to train at his u.s. bases and provide is your sailance and logistics in afghanistan where blackwater had a security contract. c.i.a. director lee onpanetta cancelled the program earlier this year when c.i.a. agents asked him if he this could cross the border into pakistan. at that point, blackwater was no longer involved and hadn't been for several years. former c.i.a. director michael hayden says the agency has long had to rely on contractors and still does because it lacks certain skills.
6:36 pm
>> what people generally accuse of us of doing, however, and i saw it reflected in the times' story yesterday is, that we go to contractors when we do not want to take responsibility for some activities. let p me just yell out loud and kick the podium and say that is absolutely not true. >> democrats want to know why congress wasn't briefed on this assassination plan. some members even leaked to the press that former vice president dick cheney told the agency not to. the c.i.a. denies this, quote "director panetta did not tell the committees that the agency had misled the congress or had broken the law, according to spokesman george little." republicans say the story only received attention because of two names -- dick cheney and blackwater. >> this has become a very political discussion. remember, this is a program that never happened. >> sources tell us that other c.i.a. programs involving bounty hunters operational and have been briefed to congress,
6:37 pm
but democrats have never questioned them. at the pentagon, jennifer griffin, fox news. bret: well, p president obama went on talk radio today and took on republicans more dredge in the healthcare reform fight. we'll find out what the fox all-stars think of that, next. my doctor told me something i never knew. as we get older, our bodies become... less able to absorb calcium. he recommended citracal. it's a different kind of calcium. calcium citrate. with vitamin d... for unsurpassed absorption, to nourish your bones. 90s slacker hip-hop. ♪ that can strain your relationships and hurt yourody 'cause we'pride ♪ng a ride ♪ ♪ it's the credit roller aster ♪ ♪ and as you can see it kinda bites! ♪ ♪ so sing the lyrics with me: ♪ when your debt goes up your score goes down ♪ ♪ when you pay a little off it goes the other way 'round ♪ ♪ it's just the same for everybody, every boy and girl ♪ ♪ the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl ♪
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diabetic cookbook. diabetes doesn't have to slow you down. join me and over a million people who trust liberty medical. >> i would love to have more republicans engaged and involved in this process. early on, a decision was made by the republican leadership that said, look, let's not give them a he replay of 1993, ''94 when clinton came in and failed on healthcare and then we won in the midterm elections and got the majority. i think there are some folks who are taking a page out of that playbook. bret: president obama on radio talk show today talking about republicans and their motives in this healthcare he reform debate. he later went on to tell a
6:41 pm
listener "i guarantee that we will have a healthcare reform bill this year." so what about this? let's bring in the panel, fred barnes of weekly standard, juan williams, new analyst for national public radio and syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. charles, your thoughts on the p president's appearance today. we haven't seen him for about three days, which is rare in this healthcare barrage. >> this is typical obama. he speaks for truth and justice, and anybody who opposes him is a radical partisan who does it for personal partisan reasons. look, this is disingenuous, and it's dishonest. he knows that the reason his proposals are in trouble is because of two things. democrats in congress and the non-partisan congressional budget office. in congress, he's got the blue dogs in the house, and he's got the moderates in the senate, and the reason that he's in trouble is because, for example, as we just heard in the p public option, it's liberals who are going to hold it up in the house unless you
6:42 pm
have a public option and moderates in the senate who are going to stop it unless it doesn't have it. those are democrats, not republicans. bret: in fact, nothing illustrates it more than the sound bites from the house speaker and kent conrad. >> take a listen. >> there is no way i can pass a bill in the house of representatives without a public option. >> it's clear that there are not the votes in the united states senate for public option. that's why i was given this assignment to try to come up with an alternative. bret: so no way i can pass it without it, no way it passes the senate with it. two sides. >> it is all because of democrats. democrats have the super majority in the senate, a huge majority in the house. that's number one. the second thing is the c.b.o. and the president's ideas an proposals in trouble because he said he did this because healthcare costs are threatening our economy and the c.b.o. has said it's going to cost a fortune. it is going to do the exact opposite, and that's what is hurting him.
6:43 pm
it's not republicans. this is all a strawman. bret: juan. >> first let me say that republicans aren't playing. they're out of the game. i guess there are some arguments left and right among republicans when you see john boehner going after billy tozan and dick army having to resign from his lobbying firm because the lobbying firm says why are you fighting against it when we want some kind of healthcare reform in place. bret: billy tozan, former congressman. >> right, and rich army who is now working as a lobbyist in town and who is representing hospitals that want some kind of healthcare reform but at the same time opposing it in terms of his political voice. in terms of the elected republican representatives and senators, they're pretty much unified in opposition to this thing, and charles grassley, on the senate finance committee, i think, is caught in a very difficult place. on one hand people say he doesn't represent all republicans and on the other
6:44 pm
hand he feels compellinged to speak for republicans because he is at a critical point in revising the system. bret: do you think people are buying what the president is saying when he talks about the republicans being the main cog in the wheel here? >> no. i think people are thinking why aren't republicans willing to do any work with president on such an important issue as healthcare. at the moment, that's not the story. charles is right. the story is what is going on among democrats. unless you want to say we're going to go for the nuclear option and the democrats are just going to force it down the throats of the american people, that's just not a winning ticket for the obama administration. that's why we are seeing something of a circus over the last few days with the flip-flops on public options, with the whole noaks notion of sebelius saying one thing, obama saying one thing, and now pelosi -- not only pelosi but chris dodd saying we got to have that public option. this, to me, is that they're trying to gain traction, and
6:45 pm
the president today on a conservative talk radio show. bret: although he is not that conservative. he supported president obama in the election and on his show and i think it's fair to say he is a conservative. here is the president trying to reach out to conservatives, and to get religious conservatives t looks like a circus. it looks desperate. that doesn't help him. >> you're right about that. it does look like a circus because it is a circus. look, if president obama wants to get republicans more engaged, why doesn't he tell nancy pelosi to bring republicans? in? they have been shut out of the house. chuck ghastly has been brought in and -- chuck grassley and a couple of others have been brought in to negotiate. if you want to attract republican votes, why doesn't p president obama offer a compromise, like he told that faux conservative on the radio today that he's willing to compromise. well, what is he offering? there are two things and you
6:46 pm
could get a ton of republican votes in the house and senate if he said, look, no public plan. conrad is correct, it can't pass the senate anyway, and nancy pelosi says she can't pass a bill in the house unless it does have a public plan. that's nonsense. of course she can pass it. government run health insurance is the public option. of course she could pass the bill without t the second thing is lawsuit abuse reform. the so-called tort reform, which would be the one thing that would cut medical costs a lot and eliminate so much defensive medicine. if the president offered those or anything else, his idea with compromise with republicans is to tell republicans to capitulate. they're not going to do that. they shouldn't. look, what has he offered them? >> ok, here's my point. let's say he says no, we won't have the public option. we will go with co-ops. do you see any rush of republicans? i don't see a stampede of are republicans saying, yes, mpts, we'll work with you. >> because they have heard what the democrats have said, what max baucus has said and
6:47 pm
chuck schumer has said and several other democrats have said, oh, we can make the co-ops just like the government plan, and they will have the same funs. they have said that. >> but it would create competition so the insurance companies don't turn their back on the american people. >> there are 1r,300 of them in the country, an 60% of them are not for profit already. there is plenty of competition there. they don't need a government-run plan. let me say one other thing. why does obama want anything from the republicans? because they would be covering the blue dogs and others to vote for his bill. bret: tonight the gang of six meets, the senate finance committee that's trying to hammer something out. >> you know, when democrats are addressing liberals, they say the public option the co-op is a way to get public option, and addressing conservatives, obama says it's
6:48 pm
only about creating competition t depends on the audience. the obvious answer is it is a trojan horse and a way to introduce a public option. it's not going to pass. bret: he won't do it here, but president obama apparently has no problem with offshore drilling near brazil. the panel gets all greased up over this one, when we come back. my health is important to me. it's critical that i stick to my medication. i cannot be one of the 61 million americans who do not refill their prescriptions on time. readyfill at cvs pharmacy automatically refills my prescriptions and reminds me to pick them up. you mean, reminds me to pick them up. [ chuckles ] stop by your local cvs pharmacy to ask if readyfill is right for you, and get a $25 coupon book. readyfill, only at cvs pharmacy. [ thinking ] burning, itching... but the pain's the worst. i shoulda used... [ bump ]
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bret: this story gained a lot of attention. the u.s. export import bank has promised $2 billion in loan guarantees to finance luke ra lucrative drilling off the shores of rio degentleman narrow. president obama campaigned saying drilling wasn't the answer to the energy issues on the campaign trail and then the question of george soros,
6:52 pm
the democratic backer, the billionaire who actually sold millions of shares in the largest of his firm's holdings prior to this public disclosure of the export import bank's offer via credit guarantees no. response from the white house saying they really have to look into this story. back to the panel. >> they ought to look into this story. it does catch the obama administration with a great contradiction. now the import export bank, or is it the import export bank? >> export import bank. >> there you go. they say it is not with the taxpayers' money. look, they have to get the money somewhere, and they borrow it, and the government gets the loan guarantee, and they give it to this brazilian oil company. where does the money come from if they renege on the loan? well, then the federal government pays for it. this is an agency of the obama administration, and they're letting this money go to this brazilian oil company to drill offshore, which they ought to be doing, because there is plenty of oil there, but why
6:53 pm
not do it in the united states? there are a number of states which want drilling offshore, way, way offshore. it's not going to be if you're lying on the beach you will see an oil der ig in the surf. you know, 100 miles offshore, why not do it here? the money would go thurrer this, because it would create more jobs in the united states than would ever be created in the united states by giving the money to some brazilian firm, so this is crazy. it is a hugely hypocritical position by the obama administration. bret: and, juan, the soros connection really gained a lot of attention on-line, because he had 22% of his holdings why in this company. he sold millions of shares right before this announcement. he mean, the guarantee had already happened. >> it looked like a quid pro quo, that he was being enriched because he was pumping money into the obama campaign and the obama
6:54 pm
administration. bret: and we don't know the answer there. >> we still don't know the answer, but to me, this whole thing is oil and water. i do not see the p president's analogy at all. the brazilian government and people had to get permission for offshore drilling immediately adjacent to their shore. the american people, even in states like florida, they have clearly said we don't want that kind of drilling, north carolina, they don't want that drilling. that's the will of the voters and the american people. in some cases they might want it, but i'm just saying, you know what, there was an election, president obama didn't hide his feelings about drilling offshore off u.s. territory and he won the election. that's the feeling. it seems to me that what you have here is an opportunity for the u.s., the export import bank, to put mon nigh into an investment that is likely to pay off and that's what they are doing. >> the bank spokesman said it is all about american jobs. if it's all about american
6:55 pm
jobs, the payoff for drilling offshore in america is a lot higher f you're subsidizing or underwriting drilling offshore in brazil, then you're completely undermining the reason to prohibit drilling offshore in the u.s. the reason obama opposes it and the reason the liberals oppose it is because of the environment, but by not drilling here, we simi end up with drilling elsewhere and it doesn't reduce pollution on the planet. it simply exports it into poorer countries where the safeguards are much less. for example, in nigeria where there are royalty spills an siphoning and explosions all the time. the net effect on the planet of drilling elsewhere instead of here is that there is more pollution and spoiling of the environment, and it reduces american jobs. it makes no sense at all. bret: how do you say drill baby drill in brazil? >> it's a p.r. issue. it doesn't look good.
6:56 pm
no, it doesn't look good. juan is wong about about the american public. the american public is in favor of offshore drilling, particularly in virginia where i live. bret: that's it for the panel. stay tuned for the fact checking on the democrat democrats' healthcare reform bills. . for all the moments that make every day special.
6:57 pm
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bret: finally tonight, we have seen many groups trying to fact check. what is truth? here is the latest effort. >> myth, under a government plan, critical decisions will be made by so-called death panels. fact, in reality, critical health-care decisions will be made by an all-star panel including jack lemmon and charles nelson reilly. -- jack flagmen --ç klugman. -- jack flagmen --ç klugman.

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